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Seed is one of the six organs of plants, the main source of human food, and an important agricultural production material. However, there is a lack of information about the morphology of many plant seeds. Even the Flora has little or no description about the seeds of some plants. Therefore, PlantSeedImages may help you have knowledge about the specific seed morphology of a plant.

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PlantSeedImages has being constructed by Lab of Seed Science and Technology, South China Agricultural University since 2014. The term “seed” used in this site means the general sense of the unit of the ripened fertilized ovule and its associated structures, which is dispersed or sown, including true seeds and caryopses, achenes, and the like.

Xiaofeng WANG (Project principal, Seed collection, Photography, Image processing)

Rongjing ZHANG (Seed collection, Plant identification)

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He Y, Zhang R, Yang X, Xiao J, Yang M, Huang H, Wang X*. 2018. Varied shapes and colours of plant seeds. Flowers, (17): 9-12
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